The CAMERAderie Initiative is a platform for the emerging voices, creative talents, and untapped potential of women, women-identifying, and gender non-conforming filmmakers. Join us as CAMERAderie: Act Two, a pre-production lab, is underway for the 2020/21 season!

Pre-Production Lab

All accepted Lab participants gain complimentary access to upcoming events, and many will receive mentors. The Lab spans all aspects of pre-production: script breakdowns, scheduling, budgeting, casting, crewing up, storyboards, shot listing, design, building, and workflow. 

Through Women In Media’s CAMERAderie: Act Two, our above and below the line community has the opportunity to gain experience and support. This Lab includes guided networking, mentorship, and professional development via online classes, comprehensive weekend workshops, and hands-on training. Writer/Director Finalists from Act One build their teams from the WiM membership (70%+ women, women-identifying and gender nonconforming crews!). That way, pre-production can begin on the films. Crew members have support from initiative producers and industry professionals in each department.  

Meet the Executive Team

Meet the Mentors & Advisors

Initiative Events

  • Above the Line Speed Networking + Convo with writer/director Tara Miele (Wander Darkly) – Dec. 16, 2021
  • Below the Line Speed Networking + Convo with editor Evan Schiff (John Wick Chapters 2 & 3) – Jan. 23, 2021
  • Workflow & Post Production Convention – February 27 & 28, 2021
    • Keynote: VFX Supervisor Brigette Bourque (9-1-1: Lone Star)
    • The Post Production Roadmap: Christine Carr of Light Iron a Panavision Company
    • DIT: Successful Prep for Post: Kerry Michelle O’Brien (Lupe)
    • The Craft of Narrative Film Editing – Katie McQuerry (Hail Caesar)
    • Visionaries Panel: The Final Draft – Maysie Hoy (The Joy Luck Club), Rosanne Tan (Mr. Robot), and Director Liz Friedlander (The Vampire Diaries), moderated by Walt Louie editor & owner of Flash Cuts
    • VFX: Crossroads of Art and Technology Virtual Production – Cristin Pescosolido (300), Charmaine Chan (The Mandalorian)
    • The Wonderful World of Color – Allie Ames (Mary Poppins Returns)
    • You Need a Vision – Ahrynn Descy (Patriot: A Nation at War)
    • Sound Supervision – Gregory Hedgepath (The Hunger Games)
    • Sound Alchemy Panel – Bobby Banks (Men in Black International), Vivian Williams (Becky), Catherine Joy (Homecoming), moderated by Jennifer Smith (American Idol)
  • Masterclass: Fix it in Prep w/ Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen) – March 20, 2021
  • Speed Networking for Crew – April 16, 2021
  • World Building & Pre-production Convention – May 1st and 2nd, 2021
    • Keynote: World Building & Visual Storytelling: Production Designer Ina Mayhew (Queen Sugar, Dolly Parton’s Heart Strings, Teen Wolf)
    • The Art and Craft of Costume Design: Costume Designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis (Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Coming to America, Michael Jackson: Thriller)
    • Boost Your Storytelling Power with Digital Tools: Rico Cohen, Product Manager at Scriptation, Nic Sadler, Artemis/Helios, Nicola Daley, Cinematographer (Gentleman Jack, Paradise Lost, Benediction)
    • An Insider’s Guide to Locations vs. Sound Stages: Irene Phan, Vice President, The MBS Group, Jane Campbell, Solution Services Dept, FilmLA, Paquita Hughes, Key Assistant Location Manager & Scout (Station 19, Little Fires Everywhere, Unbelievable), Pam Kuri, 1st AD (Grace and FrankieThe L Word: Generation Q, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Marcia Hinds, Production Designer (I Spy, Bad Moms, Easy A)
    • Design Choices – Worlds Made Real: Nina Ruscio, Production Designer (Shameless, Animal Kingdom, Cheaper By the Dozen), Matt Callahan, Set Decorator (Shameless, Animal Kingdom, The Descendants), Lindsey Moran, Production Designer, Yellowstone Film Ranch, Asst Art Director (The Hunger Games), Art Coordinator (The Academy Awards), Jackie Glynn, Art Director (Shameless), Art Director (Animal Kingdom), Production Designer (A Crooked Somebody)
    • Clearance and Product Placement: Vinca Jarrett, Entertainment Attorney, Beth Bell, Green Product Placement, Vanessa Wilson, Clearance Coordinator, Showtime, Laura Sevier, Sevier Clearances, Liz Schindler, Set Dec Coordinator, IATSE 871 (Superstore Season 6)
    • Process & Collaboration: Rachel Raimist, Director (Wutang: An American Saga, Sex Lives of College Girls, Nancy Drew), Kristi Zea, Production Designer (Silence of the Lambs, Goodfellas, The Departed) and Costume Designer (Fame, Terms of Endearment, Silverado), Rachel Feldman, Director/Screenwriter (Lilly, Dr. Novak, The Rookie), Charlese Antoinette, Costume Designer (Judas and the Black Messiah, Raising Dion, See You Yesterday), Alice Brooks, Cinematographer (Tick, Tick…  Boom!, In The Heights, Home Before Dark)
  • MBS Grip/Electric/Art Dept Training – June & July 2021
  • Film Festivals & Distribution Convention
    • Specific Events coming soon!

Make sure to check back often as new events and opportunities are added. 


Women In Media’s CAMERAderie: Act Two welcomes Women in Media Members in good standing to crew up on Finalist films.  Finalist Film crew members are expected to attend CAMERAderie Lab events, education, critiques, and networking.

Not a member yet? Apply here. Note, membership review may take up to 2 weeks so don’t delay!

Finalist Projects

Women in Media is happy to announce the 2020 CAMERAderie: Act One Scripts & Finalists:

Yao Liu

Erin Neumeyer

Krista Amigone

Toy Lei

Nagham Osman

Daisy is Gone by Ziyao Liu

An anthrophobic Chinese poet tries to return a cloned fish, which he believes to be a botched imposter of his lost pet and best friend.

I’m a Hero by Erin Neumeyer

One woman’s heroic fantasy of gun ownership is so strong that it pulls her anti-gun sister into her hyper-realistic imagination where they fight for their beliefs and their lives in this genre shifting action comedy.

The Instinct by Krista Amigone

A pregnant waitress takes her co-worker’s bullying in stride. But when the harassment turns physical, the waitress’s Mama-Bear instincts take over and she defends her and her child’s life to a grizzly end.

Moon by Toy Lei

Two friends remember their childhood tree fort pacts and discuss their current lives, while having a lovely lunch on the moon.

Never Talk to Strangers by Nagham Osman

A child makes a matter of life and death choice but doesn’t know it.


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