Executive Members


In solidarity with entertainment industry crew in every department, we are offering on year of Pro Membership for half price! Use code MANYCRAFTS at checkout. Offer good until May 1st, International Workers' Day.

Photo by: Ashly Covington

Executive Members of all genders are part of a very special fellowship.   The objective of this level of membership is to connect high-level department heads and decision-makers of all genders who are committed to an inclusive film industry.

Members gain priority access to exclusive events designed for folks working at the top of the entertainment industry.  This level of membership gives you the opportunity to meet and network with mid-career professionals and the hottest new talent.  These curated events include Speak/Easy Salons, small-batch dinners, and industry-only cocktail events with an eye towards raising members to the next level.

Executive Members have demonstrated that they align with our mission. They have the ability to further our vision of a more diverse entertainment industry in day-to-day hiring for those in the crafts as well as creative decision-makers.

Prospective Executive Members should sign the Parity In Action Pledge, which shows support of fairness and good faith hiring practices.  This membership level requires two letters of recommendation as well as an interview with our Membership Committee or a nomination from another Executive Member. 

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