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Donating to Women In Media shows a commitment to equality in the crew.  We are one of the few organizations that champions gender balance below as well as above the line. Through professional development, networking, the Crew List, and other initiatives, we support women and those who wish to hire them for a more balanced entertainment industry.

We believe that in current climate where people are coming forward to talk about discrimination and abuse, it’s more important than ever to double down on hiring women. Your donations go a long way towards our programs that promote parity in the workplace for a safer, healthier environment in our industry.

Success Stories

  • I went to the Inclusion Rider event organized by Women in Media. It was not only very informative, it was a super-happening event and a great time.

    Alexis Krasilovsky, Rafael Film, LLC
    Alexis Krasilovsky, Rafael Film, LLC writer, director
  • Women in Media is a great group. Very active in creating change. I always come away from events they organize or co-organize having had a great experience.

    Gretchen Warthen camera operator
  • I've met some of my greatest friends and closest collaborators at Women In Media events. I love the enthusiasm for our industry as well as the insistence that we can all do better - together.

    Jenna Payne
    Jenna Payne writer, director, producer
  • Women in Media is an amazing resource for connecting and inspiring women while opening its arms to all genders. The organisation is driven and motivated to pull people together which I highly respect and will always support. WIM has fantastic events if you are an aspiring or seasoned filmmaker, actor, writer or director.

    Flo Vinger
    Flo Vinger editor, director
  • At the Women In Media mixer that I attended in the San Francisco Bay Area, I met some key people that enabled me to shoot the new pitch reel for my show. From these new connections, I met even more film professionals in their networks of all genders and ethnicities. It really is "who you know," and the events that Women In Media does have been essential to moving my projects forward!

    Willow Polson
    Willow Polson writer, producer
  • Thank you for the amazing opportunity to be a part of the Da Vinci Resolve 3 day program. It was extremely informative and I feel so proud to be a part of it.  Thank you so much for helping us as creatives become confident in tasks we have felt intimated to touch upon.

    Roshni Bhatia
    Roshni Bhatia writer, director
  • WIM is great. I love that you consider every department in all your activities and events and that so much of it is working to actually get people hired. And it’s effective!

    Sara Garth
    Sara Garth 1st AC, camera operator
  • I have never felt so highly "in demand" until I joined the WIM Crew List. It shifted my slow non-union career as a Freelance Producer/AD into the fast lane. It's great to have such an effective resource for work and fellowship. The WIM group has kept me informed and motivated with all of the events, news and success of its members.

    Paquita Hughes
    Paquita Hughes Key Assistant Location Manager
  • I don't really care about a person's gender when I choose to work with them, but I come to Women In Media networking events because there are SO MANY talented passionate skilled people there.

    Toy Lei
    Toy Lei director, stunt woman
  • NAB expo is a drink from the proverbial firehose. The Women in Media tour gave us serious "alone time" with quality vendors from pre- through post-production. It added a lot of value to my NAB experience.

    Eve Edelson

Impact Donation Levels

Thank you for your continued participation and support. The impact of your contribution goes a long way toward forwarding our mission of better parity and inclusion above and below the line in the entertainment industry.



  • Shout Out on social media
  • Recognition in our Holiday and Genre Events programs.



  • All Ally benefits plus:
  • Listing on our sponsorship wall



  • All Friend benefits plus:
  • Discount codes to public seminars and networking events



  • All Supporter benefits plus:
  • Receive vendor discounts 



  • All Advocate benefits plus:
  • Invitations to exclusive, small batch influencer salons.



(taxable donation of $1,375)

  • All Influencer benefits plus:
  • 1 Premium ticket to either the Holiday Luncheon or Genre Toast (Premium seats, VIP Gift Bag)



(taxable donation of $2,250)

  • All Innovator benefits plus:
  • 2 Premium tickets to either the Holiday Luncheon or Genre Toast (Premium seats, VIP Gift Bag)




(taxable donation of $4,750)

  • All Benefactor benefits plus:
  • Listed as a HTW Benefactor on the #HireTheseWomen web page.
  • Host and join us for a #HireTheseWomen Lunch.

Visionary Benefactor


(taxable donation of $9,500)

  • All #HireTheseWomen Benefactor benefits plus:
  • 4 Premiere tickets to either our Holiday Luncheon or Genre Toast.



Paquita Hughes


Mary Lou Belli

#ParityInAction Pledge

Thank you to the decision makers, department heads, and crew who are making the entertainment industry a more fair and welcoming place to work, free of harassment and abuse.  We aim for balance in the crew – from the bottom up and top down, in every department, on every show.  By signing this pledge, you stand up for decency and civility in our industry for workers of all genders.

Together, we are #ParityInAction.


Women In Media

Women In Media encourages gender balance in film and entertainment industries by providing networking, professional development, and advocacy for above and below the line women and all genders who love making movies with them.

We are an intersectional group of women and woman identifying crew members in the film, television, and new media industries.


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