WiM Writers Group

Zoomography by @ashlycovington

You Asked For It, You got it!

Due to the success and popularity of the initial WiM Writers Group online event, Women In Media is expanding the initiative. The WiM Writers Group Initiative is for our members to offer inspiration, critique, and support on each others scripts, outlines, and treatments.  Stay creative and connected with your friends and colleagues who you know from the WiM Crew List and events.  We will host another kick-off event as the waitlist fills up – so fill out the form below.


Take the opportunity to connect with other WiM members in a virtual setting.  We start the meetings together, then move folks into online rooms where they are able run their groups.  We can make suggestions, but ultimately the groups belong to the members.  You organize meetings in the way that is most advantageous to your group.  We will support you with Zoom capabilities as schedules allow, as well as create a Slack channel for your group.  We will also share your contact information and WiM Crew List Profile with the group for continued networking.

By Members, for Members

Participation in the Writers Group is open only to WiM members. You must have a Women In Media profile. We recommend updating it, as it will be shared with other members of the group. You’ll want to put your best foot forward. To apply for membership: https://womennmedia.com/request-membership/

Please be supportive and respectful.  We will not be monitoring the groups, but fully expect everyone to be great community members and help each other in the spirit of sisterhood and love of craft.

Note: As a condition of participation, Members acknowledge that their involvement with a WiM Writers Group is completely voluntary, and Women in Media is not responsible for the management or operation of the Writers Groups. In accordance with copyright law, participants retain ownership of their work and assume all risk for any damage that may result from their involvement with a Group.

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