Women In Media holds informal, curated lunches between our members and studio/TV/commercial/indie department heads currently in a position to hire or refer our members for upward mobility right now. We call this the #HireTheseWomen Initiative.

Since January 2018, we have given women a seat at the table with Johnny SimmonsNathaniel Miller, Krystina Figg, Nancy Schreiber, Ava Berkofksy, Quyen Tran, Joe White, Alan Caso, Cybel Martin, Kira Kelly, John Smith, Local 600‘s Xiomara Comrie and IATSE‘s Vanessa Holtgrewe.

#HireTheseWomen Events

Level Up Speed Networking

On October 21st Women In Media will host a vetted group of Camera Department members for a day of speed networking at Quasar Learning Center in Downtown LA. This event is to help mid range and high end producers, directors, production companies, as well as advertising agencies meet and hire more women and gender nonconforming cinematographers.   …

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$15.00 – $50.00

Pump Up The Volumetric

Women In Media and Quasar Science are hosting a two day LED stage educational experience on Fridays, September 22 & 29, 2023. Participants will shoot a music video for the song “Never Too Late” by Becca Schack. The song can be heard on her CrewList profile - it's the first credit. Join us for a …

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Prime Focus Networking Event

Women In Media members are invited to join us on February 27th for networking with a prime focus on Camera department keys, the people they hire in their crews, as well as people in a position to hire them such as producers and directors. 

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Free – $20.00

#HireTheseWomen Lunch With Cinematographer Johnny Simmons

In Mid November, Women In Media will be taking a small batch, vetted group of our members to lunch with cinematographer, Johnny Simmons in LA.

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#HireTheseWomen With Alan Caso, ASC

We held an intimate #HireTheseWomen lunch with cinematographer Alan Caso, ASC at Canon in Burbank.

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#HireTheseWomen in Camera and G&E

WIM hosted a lunch at Canon to connect women in the camera, electric, and grip departments to working cinematographers.

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#HireTheseWomen Alumae

Help to #HireTheseWomen

If you are in a position to hire or mentor any department, or would like to sponsor a lunch or event, please contact us.

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