Welcome to the #ProudlyWiM Initiative! This informal group is for the Women In Media LGBTQ+ family to get together for coffee, lunch, or any other industry events. We will also be a forum to tap into our collective wisdom to improve the conditions for our siblings both on set, in post and in the boardrooms where representation is crucial. To join this initiative, please fill out this form.

Women In Media is thrilled to support the Queer community in the spirit of intersectional inclusion. Only WiM members with CrewList profiles may be part of this group. CrewList profiles not only insure that people are WiM members in good standing, but are how we are able to vet people and know who is in the room with us.  Here are CrewList guidelines: https://womennmedia.com/crew-list-guidelines/ #ProudlyWiM is a troll-free zone. Good vibes only.

We have a vibrant LGBTQ+ community + allies that is ever growing. If you have friends in the entertainment industry who are not currently members, but would like to participate, please have them join WiM and let us know so that we expedite their application.  We love when our members recommend new people who are accepting and on board with our mission, so thank you! They may apply here: https://womennmedia.com/join

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