Altitude Award Winners

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the WiM + ZEISS Altitude Award Winners! 

Submissions were open to camera operators, gaffers, and cinematographers.  We had an independent panel of judges who looked at their reels, supplemental materials, and artist statements. The Awards ceremony was at CineGear on April 9th, 2022, followed by a party in their honor.  On Sunday, June 12th we had a “Meet The Winners” panel at Tiffen Tech Day.

The objective of the Altitude Awards is to shine a light on the technical and artistic achievements of those who paint with light, those who dance with our actors all the while keeping them in focus, and those who tell meaningful, thoughtfully crafted stories in the camera arts. Our judges had the daunting task of narrowing the field to 20 semi-finalists, then further to 10 finalists, and finally 4 winners. Everyone got prizes. Our top 4 winners got cash.

We highly suggest watching their reels on their CrewList Profiles, linked below in pink. Their work is exemplary.  Recommend and #HireTheseWomen.

Altitude Award Winners

1st Place Winner Eszter Csepeli

2nd Place Winner Jendra Jarnagin

3rd Place Winner Carolina Costa

4th Place Winner Veronica Bouza


Jenn Gittings

Barbie Leung

Caitlin Machak

Sarah Phillips

Ashton Rae

Jen White


Michelle Clementine

Jenny Desrosiers

Rachael Hastings

Crystal Kelley

Emilia Mendieta Córdovaórdova/

Lucia Rinaldi

Elle Schneider

Aymae Sulick

Haley Watson

Sarah Thomas Moffat


photos by Ashly Covington

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