Jen Underdahl: Holiday Toast Honoree

Jen Underdahl is an award-winning visual effects producer and Vice President, Visual Effects at Marvel Studios. Credits include THE AVENGERS; the three CAPTAIN AMERICA features THE FIRST AVENGER, THE WINTER SOLDIER and CIVIL WAR; AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR (also serving as associate producer) and AVENGERS: ENDGAME (also serving as co-producer), along with every Marvel Studios TV series streaming on Disney + from WANDAVISION to LOKI S2. She began her Visual Effects career building practical miniatures for effects-heavy films such as THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW; ZATHURA and STEALTH and while she has worked on some of the biggest digital effects movies of all time, rarely a week goes by that she doesn’t sorely miss prying dried superglue off one body part or another.

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