CrewList Guidelines

Make Your Crew List Profile Awesome!

People in a position to hire search the Women In Media CrewList. Make it easy for them to find, vet, and hire you. Below are a few tips and tricks to make your profile stand out.

About the CrewList

The WiM CrewList is a cornerstone of the Women In Media ecosystem, designed to get you get found, vetted and hired by studios, department heads, and people in a position to hire. We use them to vet each other at networking events, and beyond. They can be shown to our vendor partners for discounts, and so much more. Pro members automatically get a CrewLIst profile – keep yours camera ready! Apply for membership here.

Trouble Shooting and Updating

Navigating to your account

Step One: Log In and navigate to “View Profile”. Step Two: Hover over the little wheel on the lower right of your background photo. Click on “Edit Profile”. It’s all drag, drop, and text from there.

Avatar photo

Add your avatar (small round) photo to your crew list profile, otherwise you won’t show up in the search. Also add your background (larger, rectangular). You can alter your profile at any time. Your avatar should be clear, personable, and look professional. Present yourself as the person you would hire or recommend.

Background photo

Your background picture should be of you working, or a still from a project you’ve worked on.

Add professional details to your CrewList Profile

Add your IMDB, but keep in mind that IMDB does not include commercials, PSA’s, or allow for reels, websites, etc. Your profile is the perfect place to fill that gap! Make it super easy for people searching for crew to see the best of your work. Add as many projects as possible in the “credits” section, and keep it updated.

Include contact information.  A phone number is optional, but it’s recommended to include an email address or agent’s contact. These profiles are public, so only include information you want on the internet.

Professional affiliations and awards matter.  If you got a prestigious fellowship, nomination, or award at any time in your career, include it.  

Adding Videos

Adding short reels or teaser trailers is a great way to showcase your talent. Vimeo and YouTube links can be displayed, but be sure that they are in their respective slots. YouTube videos will not play in Vimeo slots and vice versa.

Pro tips

Your bio should be short, sweet, and to the point. Keep it professional and film focused. Grammar, punctuation, and typos count. If writing is not your strong suit, get a buddy to proof read it for you.  If writing is your strong suit, it still doesn’t hurt to get a second set of eyes on it.

Keep your job titles concise – three tops so that you don’t look like a Jacquline of All Trades.  You are more likely to get hired if it looks like you’ve focused and done your 10,000 hours in fewer job positions.

Members often include their WiM CrewList URL in the signature of their emails and in their social media presence. They also copy/paste URL’s of fellow members when recommending them for jobs and other opportunities.

Update your CrewList profile regularly.

Also, in the menu under the little wheel is an option for “My Account” where you may update your renewal, orders, password, or other account details.

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