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Virtual WriterDuet Meetup

Apr 22 | 11:00 am 1:30 pm PDT

Women In Media members are invited for a virtual inter-departmental networking event and seminar designed to enhance your collaborative workflow. The focus is on the script, and all who need to collaborate during development as well as keep up with changes from pre production through post. Writers, producers, directors, art department personnel, production designers, script supervisors, etc. are welcome to attend. There will be networking, breakout groups, and a seminar on WriterDuet and ReadThrough.

We will be connecting existing Writers Groups who need new members to those who would like to join a Writers Group.

Our Gift to You

The WriterDuet team is thrilled to provide Women in Media writers groups with complimentary WriterDuet Pro licenses (valued at $107.88/year). Folks who work in non-writing departments will be especially interested in ReadThrough. With these licenses, your team can access essential tools for collaborative script development for the next 12 months. You must be present at the event to redeem this offer. Supplies are limited and first come, first served.

About The Seminar

WriterDuet team members Spencer Mirabal and Emily Poliakoff will join us for a comprehensive demonstration on how to optimize your use of WriterDuet and ReadThrough. The seminar is divided into two parts. One part will focus on writing and collaboration. The second will explore how members of the production team can use WriterDuet and ReadThrough to stay updated on rewrites and streamline their own workflows.

How To Attend

You must be a Woman In Media Member. If you need to join our membership, please do so here.
There is no cost for this event. In fact, we’re giving you WriterDuet, and/or ReadThrough.
RSVP here
We will sending you a Zoom link to the event a few days in advance.

Platform Description

WriterDuet is a real-time collaborative screenwriting software that enables effortless teamwork. The app is linked to our script-review platform, ReadThrough, which provides co-writers, readers, and guests with the ability to read, listen and leave feedback all in one place, from any device. These powerful scripting tools are designed to seamlessly transition you from writing/editing through the production process. WriterDuet and ReadThrough deliver an unmatched collaborative experience.

About The Presenters

Spencer Mirabal is a writer & podcaster based in San Diego, California. He has a BA in Film & Photography from Montana State University. His thesis short film La Violencia En Colombia was an official selection for the 2015 Flathead Lake International Cinemafest. Spencer is the co-host of the comedy podcast Murder, We Watched. You may also hear his spoken word album Sweet Sad Sandal Boy.

Emily Poliakoff is a musician turned tech industry professional located in Austin, Texas. With a BA in Humanities with an emphasis in music from University of Southern California, her sounds can be heard in film, television, and numerous studio recordings.

About Writers Groups

WiM members meet up in a virtual setting where they may seek and offer inspiration, critique, and support on scripts, outlines, and treatments. Groups meet regularly and have the benefit of WiM’s professional Zoom if they request it. We have also found that multi-hyphenates in the groups hire each other. WiM offers suggestions about how to run groups, but the groups are autonomous.

Participation in the Writers Groups is open only to WiM members. You must have a Women In Media profile. We recommend updating it, as it will be shared with other members of the group. You’ll want to put your best foot forward.

Note: As a condition of participation, members acknowledge that their involvement with a WiM Writers Group is completely voluntary, and Women in Media is not responsible for the management or operation of the Writers Groups. In accordance with copyright law, participants retain ownership of their work and assume all risk for any damage that may result from their involvement with a Group.

Please be advised that all virtual events hosted by Women in Media may be recorded and distributed for promotional purposes. Your voluntary participation in such events authorizes and acknowledges Women in Media’s exclusive rights of ownership and use of all recordings.


Thank you to our event partner

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