CAMERAderie: Act Three

Photo by Ashly Covington

CAMERAderie: Act Three encompasses the production (each film is a 3-day shoot), post production, delivery & a VIP Black Carpet Screening & Award Ceremony of the greenlit CAMERAderie films.  Many department heads have mentors and will receive prizes to enhance their kits and other professional goals.  The filmmakers have all signed the Parity In Action pledge, and their shoots have all female department heads plus 70% women crews.  

We are very excited to have shot these high production value shorts with major support from MBS group, Hackman Capital, and our vendor partners.

CAMERAderie: Act Three Films

MoonSmashedCharlie and the HuntNoor
by wri/dir Toy Lei, producer Venita Ozols-Grahamby wri/dir Dawn Spinella, producers Bex Francis, Leah Bend-Latham, Samantha Hendersonby wri/dir Jenn Shaw, producer YJ Meiraby wri Caitlin Davis, dir Lidiya Korotko, producer Akiya McKnight
Wracked by guilt, a woman takes one last moment to picnic on the moon before choosing – living or dying.Home Shopping Network host has a total meltdown on live TV – smashing sets, relationships and her career.The fantastical journey of Charlie Miles, an African-American partially deaf little girl with a taste for adventure.An Arab woman, isolated in rural America, is forced to confront the ghost of her marriage when she meets a sexy next-door neighbor.


Women in Media connects crew members in key roles with industry professionals who offer mentorship throughout the lab. Click through to see who is involved HERE!

Education, Training, Networking

CAMERAderie: Act Two commenced in the fall of 2020, giving participants mentorship, development, networking, education, and training. We did a series of two-day learning conventions about post-production/workflow, pre-production, and a masterclass with Catherine Hardwicke to name a few.

We culminated with hybrid Illumination training in partnership with MBS Group.  The on the ground portions were held at Manhattan Beach Studios and Television City in Los Angeles with experts in the field of grip, electrics, and set construction/scenic art.  Many thanks to Hackman Capital for sponsoring the training that lead to the building and lighting of our sets for Moon and Smashed as well as sponsoring the grip and lighting equipment that made our productions a true 360 experience for all of our participants.

Virtual Speed Networking 6/9

Process Meetings with WiM CAMERAderie Producers and Consultants

Greenlight Meetings with WiM CAMERAderie Producers and Consultants

Pitch Practice with industry experts such as Marina Catala, Peter Murrieta, Lilla McCarthy, & Cathy Wischner-Sola

MBS Illumination Training

  • Grip 6/24-27
  • Electric 7/8-11
  • Set Construction 7/22-25

Film Festivals & Distribution Convention (2-day virtual convention)  date TBD

VIP Black Carpet Screening & Award Ceremony at Raleigh Studios Chaplin Theater 11/21

and more…!


Thank you to our generous sponsors!

Shop Services, Sound Stages, Studio RentalsMBS Sound Stage, training for Grip, Electric, Art Dept/Carpentry, G&E equipment, Scene Shop, and moreRosco paint, drops, lights, expendablesNBC Universal Studio Lot, Post Sound and Color Services, Costume Rental, Property Rental
Dell productsNvidia productsIntel productsArri Cameras, Lenses, Lights
FilmcraftLA custom director’s chairsFilmtools ExpendablesLight Iron color correction prizeScriptation licenses
Special Thank You to:
Abelcine, Quixote, Location Sound
Bricktown DCPsShe Angels Foundation

Interested in sponsoring this Initiative? Get involved and see your logo up on the big screen! Contact us.

CAMERAderie films screened at Tribeca 2021


  • FilmLA Permits
  • Production Insurance Package
  • Security deposits with rental houses and locations
  • Lab Workshops & Events (all free for CAMERAderie Crew)
  • Hands-on equipment training with vendors (all free for CAMERAderie Crew)
  • Screening & Black Carpet Ceremony in November 2021
  • Film Festival Consultant from a top expert


Numerous prizes will be awarded to the films and crew members to build their kits and to support their future projects and careers!

  • Custom Directors Chairs
  • DELL workstations
  • Rosco lights
  • Software/app licenses
  • Sound gear
  • Color correction
  • Grand Prize winner will receive a G&E equipment rental & truck (3-week rental) from MBS Equipment Company
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