WiM + MBS Grip, Electric, and Art Training


Women In Media (WIM) + MBS Group are thrilled to offer our members training with a goal of sustainable careers in Grip, Electric, and Carpentry departments. MBS and other large studios are looking to us to help them with their gender balance in those departments. We want to have a marketable workforce to recommend as we change the face of our industry. You do not need to have experience in those departments, just a willingness to learn, and interest in work that will actively engage your mind and your body. Serious inquiries only.  Please have an up to date WiM Crew List Profile: https://womennmedia.com/crew-list/

Classes will be taught by professionals at the top of their field, and we expect everyone to be excited, engaged, and respectful. Put your best foot forward, because people will be looking for their next hire. It could be you!  As part of these classes, we will be applying these skills towards sets to be shot as part of our CAMERAderie Initiative in August.

There is no charge for this opportunity, however please only apply if you are a Women In Media member with an updated Crew List profile. If you need to apply for membership, please do so here: https://womennmedia.com/request-membership/

Applications will close on June 4th at 6pm and confirmations will go out within a week after that. If you are not local to LA, you must supply your own transportation, room and board. We will be working at one of their studios in the Los Angeles area.

Hybrid Classes

Classes are both virtual (2 hours) and on-the-ground (full days).

6/24 Thu night virtual
6/26 Sat
6/27 Sun

7/8 Thu night virtual
7/10 Sat
7/11 Sun

Art Dept / Carpentry
7/22 Thu night virtual
7/24 Sat
7/25 Sun


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