Mari Acevedo

Advisory Board

CEO/Owner Birns and Sawyer

In 2018, Birns and Sawyer was purchased by the employees as an Employee Stock Option Plan (employee owned and operated company). The following year, Mari Acevedo became the first female CEO of the company in its 65 year history. She is an expert in digital camera systems, multiplex systems, LED lighting and supporting gear with 30 years of broadcast camera system integration experience.

Mari is a fierce supporter of gender balance in the film and entertainment industries. She has worked tirelessly through outreach programs, networking, professional development and advocacy to achieve gender equality both above and below the line. 

About Birns and Sawyer

After fully adopting digital filmmaking in 2011 by carrying digital cameras, Birns & Sawyer has continued to explore the innovations of the industry by supporting new digital trends, including LED lighting solutions. Under Mari’s leadership, the company continues to thrive with offices in Los Angeles, Canada, and Asia. Film and T.V credits include The Mandalorian, Captain America, and Easy Rider.

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