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Who Should Apply

Women In Media welcomes students in the film, television, and new media crafts behind the scenes, above and below the line. You must be currently enrolled or recently graduated from a college or trade school with a focus in entertainment.

If you are not a student but are in the entertainment industry, please use our Pro application form to join.

If you are not in the behind the scenes entertainment crafts (ie. if you are an actor or other front of camera role), please join as a supporting member.

How to Apply

To apply for Student Membership, please fill out the form so that we may review your qualifications. You must provide proof of enrollment, (for example, a photo of your school ID with the year). Additional proof that you are serious about working in the entertainment industry is also helpful. The more that you can provide, the faster and more smoothly we can vet you. If there is not enough information for us to vet you, you will be able to reapply at any time. Unless noted within the application, information you post here will become available to the public on your Crew List profile after you purchase your membership. Only include information you are willing to post publicly.

Student Membership Benefits $60/yr

  • Women, women-identifying, gender-nonconforming
  • #WiMCrewList profile
  • Eligible to join a WiM Writers Group
  • Staff Me Up affiliation
  • WiM Screenings with festival partners
  • Industry partner discounts
  • Member-only events
  • Eligible to chair or volunteer on WiM Committees
  • VIP Gift bags at on the ground ticketed events
  • Pre-sale discounts for WIM Special Events
  • Priority ticketing and seating at WiM Events
  • Eligible to submit & participate in CAMERAderie Initiative Contests & Labs
  • Exclusive access to jobs board powered by ProductionHUB
  • Invitations to DaVinci Resolve Learning Intensives
  • Complimentary and discounted tickets to networking events and panels
  • Film festival submission and lab waivers and discounts
  • Eligible to RSVP for #HireTheseWomen Lunches

Student Membership Application

NOTE: If you already have an account with Women In Media, please LOG IN before filling out an application. Accounts can be created when purchasing tickets, gift cards, or memberships.

Personal Details

Your Locations

City: Write your city out full (not LA, but Los Angeles). Do not include state or country. You can add multiple cities: Put the city where you live and work on line 1, then list other cities where you (can) work on a separate line each. State: US only. This will not display on the profile itself, but people are allowed to search the Crew List based on States. Country:  You can list multiple countries, simply tick the selection box again to make multiple selections.
Include contact information.  A phone number is optional, but definitely include an email address or agent's contact. These profiles are public, so only include information you want on the 'net.
Student ID

Your Positions

The following sections are very important, as they'll allow people to search the Crew List based on your positions. You can select multiple departments (just click the box again after selecting one), after which a new selection menu will pop up, so you can define what position(s) you have within each department. Be Aware: If you want to delete a department and its positions for any reason, please delete the positions FIRST, or they will still show up on the member search.

Writing Samples

As a writer, you can add up to three writing samples to your profile. We don't currently allow writing sample files to be uploaded to Women In Media. Please insert links to a Google Drive document (or similar), with writing samples of up to 10 pages. Make sure the link is the "shareable link" so that outsiders can open them.

Segments of the Industry

Include any and all types of projects you work on or are available for.

Your Credits

Your Reels

You can embed reels of your work below. Enter a Youtube URL on the Youtube field, and a Vimeo video on the vimeo field (it won't work the other way around). You can also add a link to a Soundcloud link for sound only.

Social Media

Add links to your social media profiles here - they will display right beneath your name at the top of your profile.

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