On October 21st, we held a self-defense class for WIM members and their daughters above 10 years of age, following up last year’s #MeToo self-defense class, which was cathartic and helpful. This was another chance to let off some steam while learning valuable tips and tricks to be less vulnerable.

Toy Lei, instructor
Toy is a martial arts teacher, fight choreographer and actor/director. She has been training in martial arts for 18 years and teaches kung fu every Sunday when she isn’t on set. You can see her performance in the Academy Award winning VR masterpiece by Alejandro Inarritu Carne Y Arena at LACMA.


According to Toy, “the class I’m offering is an introduction to self defense. We are not gonna come out being Rocky, but hopefully you will have more knowledge and therefore more confidence walking on the street, being at a late night party, and being alone publicly.”





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