DAVINCI RESOLVE 16 Two Day Learning Intensive


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DAVINCI RESOLVE 16 Two Day Learning Intensive

2-11-20 | 10:00 am - 2-12-20 | 5:00 pm PST


DaVinci Resolve 16 is the most advanced editing, visual effects, color correction, and audio post production solution for feature films, television shows and commercials. Its revolutionary workflow lets you switch between tasks with a single click, so you don’t have to learn multiple applications or translate projects between different software programs. This official step-by-step training guide covers the basics of editing, visual effects, motion graphics, color correction and audio so you can start creating your own Hollywood caliber film and video today!

This class is open to 11 Women In Media members and is complimentary. Lunch is included. Please only apply if you are a WiM member in good standing and available for both days for the entire day. Failure to show up will make you ineligible for future classes of this nature. If you don’t make this round, we will have another class.

To apply for WiM membership: https://womennmedia.com/request-membership/

Course Date: Feb 11, 12
Course Time: 10am – 5pm
Course Location: Burbank CA, Full details we be sent to the chosen participants.
Instructor: Mary Plummer


Cutting a story in the Cut page

Starting a project, Assembling clips in a timeline, Adding a soundtrack, Adjusting audio levels, Deleting clips from the timeline, Deleting Gaps, Trimming clips, Panning and zooming on photos, Adding and modifying a Text + Preset, Playing full screen

Finishing in the cut page

Configuring essential settings, Saving Back Up Projects, Exploring the DaVinci Resolve interface, Importing clips, Reviewing and scrubbing clips, Viewing clip metadata, Adding custom metadata, Making new bins, Creating Smart Bins, Saving custom bin views, Changing clip names

Organizing a project

Configuring essential settings, Saving Back Up Projects, Exploring the DaVinci Resolve interface, Importing clips, Reviewing and scrubbing clips, Viewing clip metadata, Adding custom metadata, Making new bins, Viewing and Creating Smart Bins, Saving custom bin views

Assembling a Rough Cut

Creating a timeline, Making the first edit, Scrubbing with JKL keys, Inserting clips into a timeline, Using timecode, Overwriting video only, Editing from a Bin, Replacing a shot

Moving Clips in the Timeline

Importing and relinking a project, Color Coding Clips, Deleting Clips without leaving a gap, Splitting Clips, Cutting & Pasting Clips, Swapping Clip Positions

Refining the Timeline

Saving Interface layouts, Trimming to the playhead, Ripple trimming, Selecting tracks to trim, Using roll trimming, Slipping a clip, Opening gaps using the selection tool

Applying Transitions and Effects

Fading clips in and out, Adding cross dissolves, Customizing transitions, Saving custom transition presets, Applying transitions and filters from the Effects Library, Reframing shots, Rendering and background caching, Creating a constant speed change

Working with Audio on the Edit Page

Working with markers, Marker annotations, Customizing the interface for audio, Adding and patching tracks, Color coding tracks, Finding markers using the Edit Index, Viewing markers in a bin, Linking clips, Monitoring, soloing, and muting audio, Normalizing audio, Copying and pasting audio attributes, Setting levels in the timeline, Changing a level within a clip, Adding audio fades

Mixing in Fairlight 

Exploring the interface, Navigating with markers and the index, Evaluate production dialogue, Organize dialogue tracks, Trim audio clips, Aligning Sound Effects, Recording VO to the timeline, Adding FairlightFX to Clips (De-Hummer), Adding FairlightFX to Tracks (Noise Reduction), Setting track levels in the mixer

Color Correction Quick Start

Learning the color page layout, Modifying lift, gamma, and gain, Using other primary corrector controls, Understanding nodes, Making secondary color corrections, Applying Resolve FX, Tracking power windows

Primary Balancing of Color and Brightness

Using DaVinci Resolve color management, Balancing color and brightness with the Color Wheels, Checking adjustments on scopes, Making a neutral color grade with the primaries bars, Using curves for primary color corrections, Copying corrections between similar shots

Making Secondary Adjustments

Using qualifiers, Tracking power windows, Matte finesse controls, Using outside nodes

Designing Creative Looks

Mixing a black-and-white shot, Using the LUT browser for quick looks, Creating a bleach bypass

Delivering a Final Project

Creating a Web Streaming File, Creating a Custom Preset, Rendering Jobs

Media and Database Management

Understanding the Resolve Database, Copying Projects and Media, Importing Projects and Relinking Media, Consolidating Media, Importing and Relinking Projects


2-11-20 | 10:00 am PST
2-12-20 | 5:00 pm PST
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