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Kate Steinhebel
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It all started at the age of five with a Fischer Price camera toy...
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Punky Brewster; Sex, Love & Goop; Side Hustle; Charmers; Big Brother; Tough As Nails; Love Is Blind; Dancing with Nia; Country Comfort

I also DP; here is one of my favorites: Moaning's "Tired." Such a blast to film this band and shoot these fun sets--check it out!

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Los Angeles, CA

*passport ready*

United States

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Local 600

Camera Operator

Everything in life has lead me to camera operating.

Growing up, I had a camera in one hand and a pencil in the other--I have been composing shots since I can remember. I was always thinking outside the box. My preschool teacher asked us to draw a Thanksgiving dinner; naturally, I drew two turkeys eating turkey. Through my art, I became a problem solver--figuring out the best way to portray an idea, which I use daily when constructing a shot to tell story.

Raised in a perpetual state of moving as an army brat, I can adapt quickly to any situation. It developed my observations skills and keen eye for movement.

When I was not creating visually, I was playing flute in marching band. Thanks to band, I honed my peripheral vision and complex movement coordination, which I accredit to why I love operating a geared head!

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