Willow Polson is a writer-producer with decades of experience. She has been described variously as passionate, trustworthy, reliable, ethical, a force of nature, and even as “one of the better angels of our world.” Willow is Founder/CEO of the production company Chronokinesis Entertainment, where she is showrunner of “Vintage America with Ginger,” “Manos: The Debbie Chronicles,” and her passion project, “Triune.” She is also Co-Founder and EVP of Multimedia Development for Pulsar Entertainment, a start-up digital comic book platform (yes, she scripts comics too), where she identifies ways to develop the titles on Pulsar into other forms of media, such as television, animation, tie-in novels, merchandise, and so on. Willow is always looking for smart opportunities to create entertainment with heart that makes the world a better place.

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