Annika HylmöDirector of Development

    Annika Hylmö, Ph.D. has a doctorate in Communication, or Storytelling, as she likes to explain it, from Purdue University. Annika is working with Women in Media to ensure a sustainable financial foundation by having a strategic plan and a solid fundraising approach.

    Born in Sweden and raised internationally, Annika credits Pippi Longstocking as one of her early role models. She has been involved with female-driven tales in academia, where her research into movies starring teenage girls led her to funnel her passion for visual media into her own screenwriting and story consulting.

    Following her years in academia, Annika worked at the American Film Institute’s Conservatory where she supported faculty and administration with research and program reviews to ensure that the school continued to achieve its goals of excellence in filmmaking. She has worked extensively as an organizational coach and consultant with nonprofits and corporations including LAX and the Community Development Commission of Los Angeles County.

    Annika is also part of the leadership team of “Team Lillian” working to ensure that the extensive Harold and Lillian Michelson Research Library continues to be available to art and costume departments for years to come. Her short film PSYCHICOLOGIST about a psychology graduate student whose final project is disrupted by a psychic puppet intent on showing her the meaning of humanity is currently in pre-production.