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Direction, Post Production, Writer
Colleen is a multi-award winning director, screenwriter, actor and editor. Boston University Film School. Conservatory trained Actor. Features on Lifetime & Passionflix. Shondaland semi-finalist.
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Naoe .
Her work as a DP range from music videos, short films, documentaries, and web series.
Terry Cato
Host & EP, Real Talk w/Terry. A Bay Area lifestyle & wellness talk show, blog, and podcast. Open to collaborate.
Samantha K Henderson
Freelance producer for film, TV, new media, community radio, and online events. Producer-Smashed, a CAMERAderie Initiative film, and Co-Director/Programmer of SacFilmChallenge, music & film festival.
Allison Vanore
Emmy Award-winning Producer; Producer for Barbie & Dolls @ Mattel; WiM Secretary/Treasurer
Erica Fellion
Creative Producer, Cam Op., PA, AC, PC with experience on-set, remote, and in-office. Available for hire. Eager, determined, reliable, flexible, and collaborative.
Bari Winter
As a dedicated storyteller & Editor/Assistant Editor, my mission is to help you to craft the best stories possible to inspire, & resonate with audiences.
Medge Ross
Experienced Bicoastal LA/NYC Casting Director with a long history of working in the entertainment industry.
Heidi Mirow
Story Assistant to Associate Producers in post-production. Experience includes seven years in broadcast news production, in addition to set PA and office PA credits in
Sierra Haworth
Los Angeles local, San Franciscan at heart. Local 600 Loader & Digital Utility. 10+ years non-union experience in Camera ranging from 2nd AC to DIT
Kyle (Tech Support) Walters
I am Tech Support for Women In Media. You can Private Message me if you need help with anything!!
Stacie McClam
Stacie’s films inspire systemic change in education! She is in production for a documentary about a mom who was jailed for falsifying documents to enroll
Christina Jacobson
I have recently graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts. I specialize in cinematography, color grading, and
Claudia Hoag
Unit Stills is more than BTS. It creates images of a project to entice viewers. The most brilliant images are out there, hiding in plain
Jennifer Smith
I love music and helping film makers find their character of sound. There is so much music in the world so there is something for
Marcy Facundo-Moya
I'm a military veteran and cinematographer. I also enjoy camera operating and gaffing.
Jenn Gittings
Jenn is a Los Angeles based Cinematographer, Cam Op and Colorist
Marianne Parker
Los Angeles based Canadian Costume designer for film, television, theater, dance and live productions.
Jessica Lopez, SOC
I am a Local 600 Camera Operator and Steadicam operator based in LA and ATL. Well versed in studying movement, anticipation, getting what you want
Adrienne Klotz-Floyd
Stills Photographer
Sashie Rodriguez
I am a non-union AC/focus puller who has worked on short films, music videos, commercials, docu/reality and episodic television, as well as narrative features building
Marina Catala
I began my career as an Editor in reality TV, and then moved on to be the Co-EP of Post on several shows before becoming
Grace Aguilar
Freelancer based in Los Angeles. Camera, electric and editorial department. Photographer.
Erin Sandy
Recently graduated from Boston University and looking to get her foot in the door. Has experience editing and making motion graphics and interesting in learning
Kathryn Robinson
Words I live by: “I am always striving to be the person I would want to be around.”
Betsy Gain
After 5 years in LA, I recently moved to the Sierra Foothills to support documentary filmmakers in Gold Country. Send me an email to inquire
Seasoned producer and line producer specializing in documentary and digital shorts.
Leanna Primiani
Variety’s Jon Burlingame says, “One of the most remarkable TV-movie scores of the past season... I was so impressed with her music... I look forward
Caitlin Machak
Tara Jenkins
Freelance Cinematographer, Local 600 AC, FAA Certified Drone Pilot, USC MFA in Film Production, Writer and content creator at American Cinematographer and the ASC.
Meg Kettell
Meg is a passionate storyteller and collaborator. She loves traveling the world, meeting new people, and telling unique stories.
April Coffee
Associate Producer, Production Assistant
Jessica L. Ransom
Dynamic Executive Producer with a versatile track record in television, commercials, documentaries, and post-production. Accustomed to the fast-paced work environment of MTV, Deutsch LA, and
Barbie Leung
Barbie Leung is a New York based cinematographer with a dark lyrical visual style, as showcased in the Tubi Original feature "Hidden Exposure"
Kelly Diaz
Cinematography is a natural extension of my background in art and design and my passion for visual storytelling.
Laura J. Burns
TV writer and YA book author.
Sara Garth
Cinematographer, Camera Operator
Aubrey Rice
Comedy writer working out of Los Angeles.
Sarab Zavaleta
Sarah Thomas Moffat
Virtual production, stunts, live action, VFX, Sheros, compelling edge of your seat stories. Narrative features and series.
Robyn Coburn
I've worked in design in every kind of theater and indie film. Now I write and make art, and help people with their production resumes.
Paige Chase
Women in Media's Spring 2023 Intern - let me know how I can help you!
Caryn Ruby
👋 Script supervised BOTH Cameraderie grand prize winners, Creator/host of @the.script.supervisor.podcast, Award-Winning dark comedy writer & “a joy to have on set”
Monica Vega Gorsun
Costa Rican reared in NC. When I'm not making ceviche & biscuits, I dabble in filmmaking, commercials and a bit of tomfoolery.
Erin Macdonald
Erin Macdonald is a tattooed astrophysicist and currently lives in Los Angeles working as a writer, producer, and the science advisor for the Star Trek
Cynthia Garcia Williams
I enjoy telling stories that empower by celebrating how heritage, ancestral faith, resilience, and little magic weave into our fiber.
Daphne Teng
Experience Film and TV production manager/coordinator on both field and the office. I always enjoy working closely with storyteller and help to make it possible
JILL Bennett
Passionate Los Angeles Producer, Writer, and Actor | Champion for Underrepresented Filmmakers | Award-Winning Advocate for Diversity in Entertainment
Sabrina Cooper
Excited about expanding my network and meeting likeminded people to create fantastic projects!
Deborah M. Pratt
The first African American Drama and Sci-Fi TV Executive Producer
John Simmons, ASC
Cinematographer/Fine Art Photographer
Noelle Kim
Founder and President -
Jessica Fritz
(she/her) A graduate of the UCLA Film School with a concentration in directing, Jessica is an optioned screenwriter with a passion for complex characters on
Gabrielle Callaway Glenn
I am a long-time professional storyteller and budding horticulturalist who loves to write and produce unscripted and scripted content.
Katie Nolan
If I had to describe my work philosophy in 5 words, it would be: Get excited and make things! I’m a producer, archival researcher, project
Moni Wood
Writer, Producer, Director, Performer
Lillian Diaz-Przybyl
I like making stuff, and I particularly like working with people to make their stuff better!
Stephanie Rose
Arizona-based cinematographer & camera operator specializing in documentaries, branded docs, and unscripted.
Stephanie Bell
I am a passionate filmmaker who has had the joy of working in the industry for over 25 years. I love to collaborate & create
Bex Francis
TV, Film, and Digital Producer. Producer on WiM CAMERAderie Film Smashed. Co-Director SacFilmChallenge.
Christina Naime
Christina Naime is a Caribbean-born queer producer and screenwriter of Syrian-Lebanese descent. Based in NY, her work focuses on the intersection of cultural, religious, racial
Julianne Gabert
Hello! I'm a Casting Director in LA, focusing on independent film projects.
Cristin Pescosolido
Talented VFX Supervisor with strong film/episodic, on-set, and technical experience.
Jane Hare
I'm an independent filmmaker and freelance producer, director and writer for media. I've worked my entire career as a storyteller in film, broadcast, syndicated, cable
Sarah Clifford
Animal Director, Animal Coordinator, and Head Animal Trainer for over 20 years.
Susan Zwerman
I work as a VFX Producer as well as a Virtual Production Producer and cover all aspects of budgeting and scheduling. I also put on
Kelsey Nie
Boom op by day, writer by night. While production sound puts food on my table, storytelling is the thing that really keeps me going. Fingers
Annette Conlon
As Music Supervisor and head of Kitchen Synch Music Supervision, Annette Conlon is a member of the Recording Academy, the Guild of Music Supervisors, Women
Brigitte Bourque
Experienced Visual Effects Supervisor with a demonstrated history of working in the motion pictures and episodic show industry.
Hannah Miyamoto
Producing a feature-length adaptation of the sapphic novel "Twelve Nights with Viola & Olivia," written by Vanessa Sackville-Gordon, using Unreal Engine 5.
Johanna Vanderspool
Award Winning Director, Writer, Editor, Executive Producer/Showrunner with 20+ yrs experience in LA, NYC, executing film, TV series, commercials and branded digital productions.
Scottie Jeanette Madden
Showrunner, Writer, Director, Author -- Narrative Series & features non-fiction Adventure/Outdoors, children's & indie horror. Co-Created/Co-Chair WGAe ANNUAL Showrunner Workshop & mentor program.
Lynne Moses
Screenwriter and producer of short films and feature docs. Story addict and believer in the power of love. Particularly interested in opportunities relating to TV
Marlyn Garcia
I am passionate about creating art pieces that convey a story that makes a viewer become part of the art piece. Inspired by strangers through
Leah Latham
Passionate and experienced professional of film, specializing in production management, producing and voice over acting, especially as it relates to the field of Animation.
Audrey Biche
Story-focused cinematographer based between LA and Paris, working on film and digital.
Crystal Kelley
I am a storyteller at heart with a background in theatre and crossed over to filmmaking. I love to combine technology and imagery, so becoming
Katie Garibaldi
Music supervisor for film and media. Experience includes coordinating both custom scores and song licenses.
Carmen Vincent
Documentary Filmmaker. Video Editor. Empathy Addict.
Lisa Stacilauskas, SOC
Lisa is a DP and Camera Operator who's sense of empathy empowers her as a storyteller and collaborator. She's shot indie features and award winning
Pamela Vanderway
A veteran dialect coach who also trains, vets and connects professional dialect coaches to productions worldwide. Ask me your accent related production questions. I am
Nat Armenta
2nd Assistant Camera who believes tenacity is key.
Carolina Costa
Carolina Costa has traveled the world photographing feature films, documentaries, shorts and commercials.
Donna Bonilla Wheeler
Donna is a Peruvian-Irish filmmaker of Inca descent who writes and directrs works of reimagined female-identifed and underdog characters and narratives.
Alexandra Velasco
Mexican award-winning Writer + Director + Artist
Selena Webb
Originally from the Midwest, I'm a Camera Operator and Assistant currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Open to travel. Valid Passport.
Doriane Ede
Cinematographer with a 18+ years experience in Paris, FRANCE. Great experience on field and set, with high technical skills.
Kristen Meloche
Director of photography, working in narrative and commercial/branded content.
Mary Lou Belli
I direct TV (150+ eps) and write books (working on #4) and I make short films for fun!
Luisa Dale Silva
Brazilian cinematographer based in LA. Holds an MFA Cinematography by the American Film Institute. Available to work worldwide.
Tema Staig
Executive Producer Producer Production Designer Art Director
Yvonne Chu
An American born Chinese woman doing what she loves, while balancing motherhood and life.
Lori Petersen Waite
I'm an editor based in Nashville, Tennessee having relocated in 2013 from Los Angeles. Collaborating with women on projects that empower and inspire those around
Autumn Moran
Ellen Askey
Editor/AE and filmmaker who works across narrative and documentary, looking to collaborate on indie film and shorts. Cinema studies grad of UChicago, currently based in
Alexa Joy
Creative, Accountable, and Professional: I'm a multimedia journalist, producer, writer, editor, and program director with nearly a decade of experience in the film, media and
Susan Lumsdon
Loves travel & to experience new things which inspire her to tell stories and create images that support these stories: beautiful imagery can be made
Kerry Michelle O'Brien
Kerry Michelle is a veteran of the production and post production with over 35 years in the industry, covering commercials, music promos, VFX, animation, documentaries
Caledonia Hanson
| Production Designer | Art Director | Set Decorator | Graphic Designer | Construction Coordinator | LinkedIn: https://<a target="_blank" href="http://www.linkedin
Sarah Knapp
I'm a writer who's making it up as I go. My award winning web series, The Couch, is available to view on YouTube. My short
Molly Becker
Alexa 35 Owner
Rachael Hastings
The DP/Op journey began with 15+ years shooting worldwide on doc, TV & Events for non-profits. Since 2020 focusing on narrative & commercial she just
Raven Wisdom
Raven is an episodic writer. She is a champion for healing generational traumas by uniting old ways with the new through communication and the occasional
Annika Hylmo
Producer/writer and script consultant of great stories, narrative or documentary. Eligible to work (and I do) in the US and Europe. Women in Media producer
Dannielle Dormer
Premiere Pro Editor available for cutting shorts and reels. Can work with any budget. I'm an Award-winning Marketing Producer with expertise in marketing production.
L. Dinah Palmisano
On the journey of becoming a writer and then hopefully a showrunner
Mina Vazirian
I'm Mina - half-Persian, dog lover, and AMC A-List user! I have been working in film/TV for the last three years. Hoping to meet some
Ahisha Ghafoor
I am a documentary filmmaker - a polyglot, producer and investigative journalist with excellent access skills. I speak five languages and have worked on foreign
Sydney K.
Producer & Editor // Produced and edited the 'Men of West Hollywood' reality TV series on Crackle. Also known for producing 'Shifter' & 'Gold Mine'
Luna Zhang
I support women empowerment projects.
Tracey Adlai
Founder/Director, The Valley Film Festival
nadia leonelli
Creator | Producer | Talent-Enabler | Immigrant | Human Rights Defender | Chasing stories that linger in our minds after the last frame has faded.
Beatriz Santamaria Pinha
As a Brazilian filmmaker, I create diverse content including shorts, commercials, and music videos. I believe in a proactive approach and a positive attitude for
Deanna Schultz
Award-winning multilingual professional w/ 20+ years experience in broadcast TV news, documentary filmmaking as well as creating original content for English & Spanish TV News networks.
Gina Kelly
Gina Kelly, known mononymously as GiNaKeLLY (no pronouns/they/she), is a queer, genderfree, neurodivergent healer CREATING CHANGES through Movies, Music, and Magick. <a target="_blank" href="http://www.theginakelly
Milena Warns
🎥Documentary Producer. 🐾Animal Lover. 🌎World Traveler. ✨Proud Texan. ❤️ True Crime, 🧀, 🧩 + 🍷
Director, Producer, Production Manager and founder of Female Tales. British, based in California, working in London, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA.
Maritte Go
I am a Filipino American writer, director and producer from West Palm Beach, Florida.
Jendra Jarnagin
Jendra Jarnagin is an award-winning DP with over 25 years experience working in feature films, episodic television and online series, commercials, music videos, documentaries and VR.
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