Pictured above: VIP members Tai Lynia Jones  and Sade Robinson, had lunch with 17 year veteran Krystina Figg and WiM Executive Director Tema Staig for advice and connections, with a commitment to “paying it forward”.

Women In Media holds small batch, curated lunches between our members and department heads in a position to either hire or refer them for upward mobility.  Since January 2018, we have held three lunches which have put women at the table with Nathaniel Miller, Krystina Figg, Nancy Schreiber, Ava Berkofksy, Quyen Tran, Joe White, Alan Caso, Cybel Martin, Kira Kelly, John Smith, Local 600‘s Xiomara Comrie and IATSE‘s Vanessa Holtgrewe.

#HireTheseWomen Lunch – Cinematography Edition at Canon

If you are in a position to hire or mentor any department, or would like to sponsor a lunch or event, please contact us at info@WomenNMedia.com.